We are a Beauty brand with a huge heart.

Mooeys is here to shake up the industry by providing a level of customer care never seen before!

With our radical new approach to the salon experience, we provide a new depth to our training unlike any other in the beauty industry 

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"What you are doing is revolutionary for the service industries, especially for the beauty world - Thank you."

- Sarah Churcher


We pride ourselves on being Waxing Specialists and Nail Perfectionists, but you might have noticed by now that we’re not your average salon.

We have our own salons, plus Franchise salons and really encourage therapists to be their absolute best - better than all the rest!

Wax Product Range

Our Moo wax range has been made by waxing specialists FOR waxing specialists.

Our multi functional products are designed to create simplicity in the salon, sustainability for your business and quality for your clients.

Hands On Training

The expert was once a beginner too!

We want to help you achieve your goals and ambitions within the waxing world. Our Hands on training programmes are designed to offer advance knowledge and techniques within the waxing and intimate waxing world.

Hi, I’m Amy

I own the Mooeys brand and have been in the Beauty Industry for over 20 years now.

I am a wife to a Hot Ginge, and mum to two gorgeous (albeit a bit crazy) girls - Willow and Piper.

And I can't forget dog mum to Ted the terrier too.

I have worked in every type or spa or salon, and have learned an immense amount of service styles within the various roles I have had over the years, which has now allowed me to create my own style of service for my salons.

I love knowledge, and love going against the grain. I will always question why things are done a certain way, and continuously look at improving the service we offer.

It is now time to share the love for service and knowledge to other professionals who feel the same.

Investment in your own knowledge is never a waste of time or money, and those who invest in themselves will always do better than those who don't.

Mooeys Masters is a trading name of Mooeys Franchise ltd